All Variations of the Card Game of Pontoon

It is always pleasant to have a choice. In everything: life, work, relations and…. pontoon.
As well as blackjack, Pontoon card game has its own variations; certainly, there are not as many of them as blackjack has, but they have a right to exist and they find their fans which prefer some of these Pontoon variations to play.

Do not keep me in suspense… What are they?

If you want to learn something new about gambling and your favorite pontoon card game does not have anything more to surprise you with, try to play one of its variants: each of them is interesting in its own way and has something to surprise you with.

Federal Pontoon

This is the variant of Australian Pontoon card game and it gives you more chances to win actually by having some specific rules:

  • You can split up to 3 hands but this rule does not work for Aces.
  • It is played with 48-card deck (10’s are taken away).
  • You are a winner if your total exceeds a dealer’s one but does not exceed 21.
  • You can also ask for some more additional cards to improve your total and there are special signs for a dealer: if you want one more card then you should tap with your finger on the table; if you want to stand – do it by waving your hand over the table horizontally.

Jupiters 21

This is another variant of Australian Pontoon card game and it is considered to be very easy to play and very quick to learn. What do we have here?

  • 4 decks of cards are used.
  • You can also split, double down, hit, stand or surrender.
  • You have jupiters 21 if you have two initial cards of an Ace and a face card (Jack, Queen, King).
  • All the cards are faced up.
  • There are 7 players and a dealer at the table.
  • 10’s are removed from a deck for this game.

Here are some card combinations which will make you an immediate winner:

Jupiters 21 (an Ace and a face card)



Five cards = 21

Total 21 (no matter which cards)

6+7+8 of one suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades) = 21

Three 7’s of one suit (clubs, diamonds, spades, hearts) = 21

(It would be nice to put pictures of these cards combinations here)

Treasury 21

This is also the variation of Australian Pontoon and it has not many specific rules to play it in comparison with two previous ones.

  • 6 decks are dealt to play it.
  • You are not allowed to re-split.
  • This version is allowed to play at VIP rooms of casinos (Federal Pontoon and Jupiters 21 are not allowed to play there).

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