Blackjack Switch - Blackjack Variation with Interesting Details

Blackjack Switch is a really fun and easy-to-play variation of blackjack, and you will definitely like it if you are a fan of splitting cards during a game: Blackjack Switch is impossible to play without splitting and playing two hands per round. The creator of this game is a British player Geoff Hall, and thanks to him such a method of blackjack cheating as switching stopped to be considered as ‘a sin’ and something illegal.


What is the aim?

You play two hands of cards and you are allowed to switch cards between these two hands in order to get the best card combination for winning.

Rules to play Blackjack Switch

  1. This game is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards
  2. Each player should play 2 hands
  3. A player should make equal bets for his 2 hands
  4. Only the second dealt card of each hand can be switched! You can not switch a second card from one hand with a first card from other hand
  5. Cards are dealt to be faced up
  6. A dealer should hit soft 17
  7. A player has a chance to double down on any two cards
  8. A player has a chance to double down after a split
  9. A player is allowed to re-split up to 4 hands
  10. If a dealer has 22 it pushes all hands, including 21. Only a player’s blackjack beats a dealer’s 22
  11. If both a player and a dealer have blackjack, they are of equal quality

To switch or not to switch?

This is the most important question each player asks himself after his two hands were dealt, and it is not very easy to decide: to switch those cards or leave everything like it is at the moment.

Sometimes it seems to be easy to form a good single card hand out of two dealt ones but there are a lot of cases a player loses when tries to do that; the blackjack strategy for switching cards is rather complex and impossible to simplify or describe briefly, though it exists of course and describes a player’s steps and decisions while having all possible variants of card combinations. Don't miss the chance to check your luck and play online blackjack at this website.

Do you prefer to play online?

Today online casinos offer Blackjack Switch to play but be careful: the Internet version of this came has different rules than live casinos of Las Vegas for example; and the strategy of Blackjack Switch, which can be found in different books or web-sites on this topic, may work only for live casino games, not the Internet ones. Internet casinos reshuffle cards after every round, and this fact makes it impossible to beat online casino by using card counting.


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Don't miss the chance to check your luck and play blackjack online at this website.

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