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Pontoon Glossary
cards_on tablePontoon is a British variation of blackjack, so there is no surprise that some terms of this card game クラップスカジノ differ a little bit from those ones of conventional blackjack, as well as British English differs from Ameriacan one. Read more...
What is Blackjack?
ten_and_AIt is difficult to find a gambler today who would not be familiar with the card game of blackjack: this noble and exciting game has a lot of fans all over the world, and it numbers in about one hundred different variations. Read more...
Perfect Pairs Blackjack
pair_of_cardPerfect Pairs Blackjack is only the one variation of many blackjack games but it does not mean that it is not interesting and fun to play: according to its rules, Perfect Pairs gives its players more chances to beat a casino. Read more...

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What is blackjack?
Here you can find the information about the game of blackjack, its history, rules and strategies: the interesting and useful information for all gamblers.

Blackjack variations
Don't miss also the history and description of the most exciting and fun-to-play blackjack variations, learn their rules and strategies to play.

Where to play?
Learn, where you can play blackjack and all its variants online: choose the casino you like most.

Get the latest news
Read the last news and interesting facts about the game of blackjack and its tournaments, both land and online ones.

Blackjack Rules

Simple, Yet Beautiful

Well, if you decided to become a professional blackjack player, you will not be able to escape from learning the rules of this noble and well-known card game jackpotcity. And though they are simple to remember and use, its learning demands a good memory and concentration from a player. Read and discover all the information about blackjack rules and be ready to open some new and interesting facts for yourself!. Read more...

Blackjack History

old_J_and_ABefore becoming the world-famous and loved card game, blackjack had to overcome many difficulties and problems. Having appeared in France as Vingt-Et-Un, blackjack have made a long trip to America for becoming the card game we know today. Its names were changed, its variations appeared, it was prohibited to play in casinos.... But nothing could stop online blackjack from being strong and loved because its real fans helped it to survive and become the most popular card game in the world! Read more...

Blackjack Games

CASINOIt is impossible to find and imagine a modern casino, both land and online one, which would not give its visitors a chance to play blackjack: today more and more gamblers prefer blackjack online to play as they do not have to go anywhere to take part in this game anymore. A big variety of casinos provides its players with an opportunity to play Guide to Live Blackjack and even take part in its tournament variation in order to prove themselves a fact they are a real professional blackjack gamblers who have a right to be called so.Read more...

Blackjack Variations: Pontoon, 21 in Spanish, Elimination Blackjack and Others.

BlackjackVariationsGuide.com has put together this section on blackjack and casino online with the idea of letting you know about other online blackjack sites that might be of use to you. Jump right into blackjack using a casino bonus or play free blackjack games online to boost the odds for succeeding with real money.

Looking to enhance your roulette skills without risking real money? Consider using a roulette online simulator, a fantastic tool for both beginners and experienced players. With a simulator, you can practice various strategies, understand the odds, and get a feel for the game—all in a risk-free environment. It's a smart way to build confidence and refine your gameplay before stepping into the live casino action.

Blackjack is the bread and butter of online casino gamers across the globe. With Australian casinos making rapid inroads into the online casino gaming industry with their superb fare of games and bonus offers for players, it is imperative that you know which one to opt for to play all the blackjack casino games you want. Casino Shortlist is the perfect destination or you to find objective reviews of all the major online casino websites coming up from the region. You’ll certainly be able to shortlist some that suit your strategy of play and host the kind of games you love.

Choose online casino gambling new Australian bookmakers, if you do not want to wait for the possibility to play at traditional casinos. Online gambling houses have many advantages, which make gambling there very attractive. They are easy-accessible which means that you can visit online casino any time you want, besides, they have great choice of games. Support team is always ready to help you with any problems which appear, and once you cannot withdraw or deposit your money, just inform them, and this issue will be solved as soon as possible.

Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games, and casinos are offering a variety of variants to keep players interested. These blackjack variations can range from traditional or classic options, like Vegas Strip Blackjack, to progressive jackpots and even live dealer options. Casinos typically use different rules for the play of hands, and often change the number of decks used in the game or make other strategic changes. Players looking for information about which casinos offer these blackjack variations can check https://top10-casino-reviews.com/sites-like-bovada for reviews as well as information on where they can find their favorite game. With so many exciting variations to choose from, learning more about blackjack is sure to give each player an enjoyable gaming experience!

Are you ready to play blackjack right now? When you know all the rules and game strategies, time to choose the casino comes. If you do not know what will be the best decision for you, choose casino which will be the place to go if you are seeking to play some great games with your peers. Plus, with the possibility of getting an amazing signup bonus, this has never sounded better. All you need to do is to log in your account and enjoy the game.

Some of the casinos are oriented at the players from some particular countries, and games are also designed with consideration of players’ mentality. For example, you will find games with the theme of national holiday. Number of these casinos is not very big, still they exist.

For some of casino players choice of the games is the most intriguing moment to which they always pay attention. Bonuses and payments have no importance to them because they come to play games and enjoy their time, not to win and fight for money. For that type of players it is always better to choose casino which has a perfect selection of the games, such as maple casino. There is everything that is loved by gamblers: huge number of slot machines, fullest selection of card games, roulette tables, lotteries and even scratch cards!

Players wanting to get a taste of the hottest casino gaming action will be thoroughly impressed with no download casino games. Now you do not need to download gaming software to play such games as roulette, blackjack, craps or slots. It is a good opportunity for those, who prefer to play just one game constantly and just to try out the others. By no means should you miss online blackjack games at best online casinos, where you can either play instantly or via downloadable casino software. So, download the software of your favorite blackjack game, but play the other games at instant play versions.

If you liked the instant game version, you may try to play the game on money. So, if you’ve liked the chance game such as roulette or bingo, you should look for no deposit mobile bingo or the casinos which offer these games. Come right in and find out the best casino to play. There you will find the best set of casino games available on the web.

In addition, take a look at the list of high roller online casinos. If you are willing to play big, you'll definitely find there a place to go. Lots of the games are available for you to try, including games with progressive jackpot. Do you know what the progressive jackpot is? It is an amount of money which is paid to player when he meets the requirement to hit it – for example, hits 10 wins in a row playing blackjack, or gets special combination of symbols in slots. Unlike non-progressive jackpot this sum is changing all the time due to the certain percent of money which comes to the total sum with each bet made.

Progressive jackpots are available at all online casinos, but usually you should play only progressive games to be able to hit this pot. For example, if you are blackjack player, you have to play Progressive blackjack, as other games will not give an opportunity to hit this pot. Try to play all the games you want at online casinos, you can find there games from the bingo to blackjack, don't miss you chance to win a jackpot.

And a few words about blackjack variations. Great number of them exists, and rules of each of them are different. At this website you will be able to read about such blackjack variants as Chinese Blackjack, Pontoon, Spanish 21, Elimination Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Vegas Strip, Perfect Pairs and some other games.

Eventually, it was estimated that the latest evolution of the blackjack game is online baccarat. Baccarat as well as online roulette is basically a game of chance and luck. It is known as the cousin of blackjack, but these games have huge number of differences, regarding to the high element of chance. In blackjack the system and solid strategy allows a player to achieve an overall edge over the house. And in baccarat, even though the house edge is quite low, it is almost impossible to create a strategy, only lucky ones can to win in the long run, and that is the main difference.

You will find the fullest description of all the variations here, so move on to the pages, interesting for you!

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