Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Rules

Please, welcome one more very interesting variant of conventional blackjack which is called to be Las Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Why such a name?

Blackjack is so popular game to play in all casinos that lots of its variants exist now to allow players trying something new without learning a lot of completely different rules and strategies. Las Vegas Strip Blackjack got its name from the Vegas Strip (the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South where many casinos stand).


This blackjack variant is played in many Las Vegas casinos and it is very popular there, though it will be difficult for a person to play it without knowing anything about the rules of conventional blackjack.

So, if you want to become a player of Las Vegas Strip Blackjack, spend a time to learn conventional blackjack rules first and only after that start learning how to play this blackjack variation. Besides the Strip Blackjack, Generous Gladiator slots have gained a lot of popularity of late mainly due to their ability to entertain the player. They also enable the players to win loads of exciting prizes including cash. It is therefore important to play these games on your computer especially at your free time. They will give you the amount of entertainment you need.

Rules of playing Las Vegas Strip Blackjack

This game here is played almost the same with any other variant of blackjack but it definitely has some slight differences to remember; these differences actually make Las Vegas Strip Blackjack to be a separate variant of traditional blackjack.

  1. This game is played with 4 decks of cards
  2. A player has a right to split Aces only once
  3. A player may double down on any 2 cards
  4. If a player splits an Ace and gets 10’s after that, this card combination of an Ace + 10 will not be considered to be blackjack but 21; so, if a dealer has blackjack and a player has 21, a dealer will be a winner
  5. A dealer should stand when has 17 points: this step decreases his chances of busting but increases a player’s chances to beat him with 18 and more points
  6. If a player splits aces he has a right to receive only one more card
  7. A player may split any cards which have a value of 10 (Jacks, Queens and Kings)
  8. A player should has equal bets for both hands if he splits
  9. A player has no right to double down after splitting, if only he did not split Aces: if a player splits Aces he may double down and receive his one card
  10. If a player splits he automatically loses the insurance he bought

Be sure

Before starting to play Vegas Strip Blackjack, be sure that you perfectly know all its rules to play and that you do not mix any rules of conventional blackjack up with the rules of this variation. Otherwise, you will increase your chances to lose if decide to use some concrete strategy for playing Vegas Strip Blackjack.

You also have an opportunity to play Las Vegas Strip Blackjack at many online casinos: almost all of them are glad to give you a chance of trying yourself in this card game.


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