Perfect Pairs Blackjack: How to Play Game

There is one more interesting version of conventional blackjack can be found in many live casinos and on-line ones: it has a lot of same features with Vegas Strip Blackjack though some slight differences also take place; these additional rules give a player more opportunities which were not available in conventional blackjack or Vegas Strip Blackjack.

The name of this blackjack variant is called to be Perfect Pairs Blackjack which is actually very simple to play: a player can make one more additional bet that wins if two cards of his initial hand are a pair. All other aims of this game are the same with blackjack: to beat a dealer out of his money by having blackjack (an Ace + 10) or having more points than a dealer without exceeding 21.

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What is a Perfect Pairs Bet?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack gives a player one more chance to win something by having a pair of cards from the first two initial cards dealt to him; so, a player can make one additional bet if he’s sure to have a pair from the initial hand. This is a Perfect Pairs Bet and it should be made together with an initial bet before the cards will be dealt to a player.

If a player has a pair from his initial hand of two cards he wins a Perfect Pairs Bet. If a player’s first two cards are not a pair he loses his bet but still has another bet to continue playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack in a hope of beating a dealer. Have you checked out the best blackjack sites with perfect pairs game variations?

What are the rules of Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

  1. This game is played with a shoe of six 52-card decks. Some on-line casinos play this game with a shoe of 4 decks.
  2. Two initial cards of a player are dealt being faced up; as for a dealer’s cards, one of them is dealt being faced up, another – faced down.
  3. Card values are the same with conventional blackjack: small cards (2-10’s) are valued by their numbers; face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) = 10 points; an Ace = 1 or 11 points, depending on how many points is more preferable for having a better hand.
  4. All bets are made before the cards are dealt. If you made a Perfect Pairs Bet and you got a pair from your first two cards dealt, you will receive your winning for this pair after the game will be finished; if your Perfect Pairs Bet was lost (you did not get a pair from your initial hand), your bet will be removed from the table.
  5. You are an automatic winner if you have blackjack (an Ace+ 10 = 21) from your two cards of initial hand. If no, any your 21 points will not be considered to be blackjack but only 21, and they will not beat a dealer if he has blackjack.
  6. You can double only once per hand: this step will give you one more additional card.
  7. You can split your two initial cards if they are of the same value (for example, you have 10’s and King, both of which give you 10 points) and continue to play with two hands. In this case you should make one additional bet for your second hand.
  8. You can hit your two hands to get a better hand for winning; but if you split Aces then you can hit only once for each hand.
  9. A dealer should always hit his soft 17 (a soft hand = you have an Ace which can be counted as 11 points without exceeding 21. For example, an Ace + 6 = 17 = soft hand).

What Perfect Pairs you can get

There are actually three types of perfect pairs which a player can receive after getting his initial hand:

Mixed Pair = 2 cards of different suits and colors (example: 8’s of spades + 8’s of hearts)

Colored Pair = 2 cards of different suits but same color (example: 8’s of spades + 8’s of clubs)

Perfect Pair = 2 cards of the same color and suit (example: 8’s of hearts + 8’s of hearts)


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