Rules to Play Blackjack Game


When you start playing blackjack game, remember the steps you should follow; though blackjack game rules seem to be very obvious and easy, a beginner and inexperienced player may easily mix something up. So, the scheme of your deeds at a blackjack table:

  • Be sure you’ve chosen the right table
  • Do not forget to buy chips
  • Think of your bets
  • Remember your choices during a game
  • Do not forget to take your winning with you

How to choose a table according to blackjack game rules?

Remember, that blackjack tables can be of different colors, depending on the sum of a minimum bet a player can make at this table. There are three different tables:

Red – a bet of $5 minimum

Green – a bet of $25 minimum

Black – a bet of $100 minimum

Note! Do not mix a table for blackjack up with a table for some other card game! Be sure you are at the right place!


Where to buy chips?

It is actually very easy because you can buy chips for playing blackjack from a dealer. Give him money (but not to his hands! He is prohibited to take anything from your hands. Put money on the table.), and a dealer gives you your chips back. Remember, however, that a dealer will never give you any change, so be ready for this. Chips are easy to recognize: a red chip costs $5, a green one – $25 and a black one - $100. There are also chips of $1 which are usually white.

Note! If you have some doubts that you understand everything in a right way, do not be afraid of asking a dealer for an explanation; his job is also to help you to understand a game.

It’s time to make a bet!

Decide, what bet you are ready to make and put chips to a special box or circle for bets. After cards have been dealt, you have no right to do anything with your bet because it is a dealer now who will take or give your chips.

Ok, but how to play?

The point of blackjack

Your aim is to beat a dealer with your cards by overcoming his hand but not exceeding 21 points. If you exceed 21, you automatically become a loser and get ready to say good-bye to your money.

When the cards are dealt

When your first two cards have been dealt to you, you can do the following:

  • Hit(ask for one more card if it is necessary to become closer to 21)
  • Stand (you do not ask for any more cards as you prefer to stay with those ones you already have)
  • Split (if you have two cards of the same value you can ask a dealer to split them and you will play with two hands now – equal bet for each hand)
  • Double Down (you ask for one more card and double your bet; after this you have no right to take more cards)
  • Surrender (you see that your chances to win are very poor and you prefer to give up; you lose a half of your bet in this case).

But how many points will I get from each card?

There are 52 cards in a deck. To count the points each card gives you is not very difficult as all of us studied math at schools.

The small cards (2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s) give you the same of their meaning: 2 points for the card of 2’s, 5 points for the card of 5’s etc.

10’s, Jacks, Queens and Kings give you 10 points each.

Aces can cost you 1 point or 11 points, depending on how many points are more suitable for you at the moment.

I’ve won!

Congratulations! You are a winner! It is a high time to take all your chips and exchange them for real money. Gosh, it is the most pleasant moment of the whole game, is not it?


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