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There are basically two types of players who watch a Blackjack game online or offline: the newcomers and the pros. What do they have in common? Mostly the joy of the game. Blackjack is an ideal game for different levels of skill , more at players who are already adept at playing 21 games or who have generally had a lot to do with card games, as well as for those who are not necessarily fans of card games and prefer to sit at slot machines. Thanks to the simple regulations and framework conditions, there are only a few obstacles to Blackjack gaming enjoyment.

So where is the best place to try this card game?

Directly here, for example - or on one of the many other sites on the net that offer Blackjack free play without registration. You can't find a better starting point. As a gambler, you can also start playing this card game right here.

What do you have to consider as a newcomer?

Here with us everyone can try this game. We make online Blackjack free to play, in order to make this game classic a variety of gamblers, young and old, new and experienced, accessible.

Do I have to download the game?

No, of course not. If you simply want to play Blackjack online without any obligations or risks, you can start right here in the demo versions. The Flash technology allows you to enjoy the game constantly on our homepage, even without having to download it beforehand.

What's the catch here?

Completely free of charge and without any risk - this might sound a bit suspicious at first listening. But who adheres to our homepage, we guarantee serious and above all safe play pleasure, without complications and obligations. Simply directly Blackjack free of charge without registration play and convince yourselves.

Winning in the game of 21

In the classic, basic variant of the game, it's a matter, quite simply formulated, of coming as close as possible to 21, or at least close to 21, when adding your own cards. Ideally, you should have 21 in your hand - if you manage to do this with the first two cards dealt, which have to take the form of an ace and a card with a value of 10 (all between 10 and king), you are talking about a so-called "Blackjack". The fastest way to win these games.

Some other points are relevant to the odds of winning:

Gambler vs. dealer:

Since you only ever play against the current croupier at the table, you remain unaffected by the events of the other players.

Standard bet and doubling bet:

Basically, there are two different points in the game where bets are placed, or can be placed or changed.

"Hit" or "Stand": The first means that you want to get another card from the dealer after looking at the first two cards you received. Stand means that you do not want to receive any more cards. The "Stand" decision is final - you cannot request any more draws after that. "Split" or "Double": In technical jargon, these two words refer to the possibility of halving or doubling. However, these options are not always available. "Split" does not mean that the bet is split, but the pair of cards received. This is always possible if you receive two identical cards as the first both cards. You can then continue playing with two independent hands, provided you are willing to place a second bet on the second hand. A "double" is the ability to double one's bet after receiving the first 2 playing cards. After that you are limited in the card holder - only one more may be requested.

Payout values:

The payout values are calculated at the end of the game. When playing free online blackjack, you can easily get a feel for how many different bets and card hands are worth at the end of the day. The game always ends with the dealer's move. When the dealer reaches 17, his hands are tied and the game ends. If he exceeds 21 (in technical jargon the dealer is "bust"), the game is also over and all players win. If the dealer's card value is between 17 and 21, a comparison is made with the number of the player's hand.

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